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  September 2019  
  Turkey Drag Queen  
  Meet Turkish Drag Queen Matmazel Coco  
Transgender rights activist, actress, and drag queen Seyhan Arman was born in Adana, Turkey. At the age of 15, she left her family home and began working as a DJ at a local radio station. In 2000 she moved to Istanbul and became involved with the political LGBT community 'Lambda Istanbul'. At this time she took to the stage as drag queen ‘Matmazel Coco’ performing at nightclubs and entertainment events. In Turkey, pride week has been banned for the last four years. According to 'The Trans Murder Monitoring' report, Turkey has been ranked first in transsexual murder for the past ten years in Europe.
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  © epa-efe / Sedat Suna  
  Kakuma Refugee Camp in Northern Kenya  
  Kakuma Refugee Camp in northern Kenya  
Kakuma Refugee camp in Kenya’s arid Turkana county was established in 1992 to house the so-called ‘Lost boys of Sudan’, some 20,000 boys who fled the Second Sudanese Civil War that broke out in 1983 and dragged on for almost 22 years. According to the UNHCR, as of June 2019, Kakuma camp and the adjacent Kalobeyei settlement host 190,181 refugees. Although regional government and aid organisations tried to create a harmonious situation for both refugees and the local ethnic Turkana community, the conflict between the two groups remains a problem.
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  © epa-efe / Dai Kurokawa  
  The End of Aceh's Wild Elephants  
  The end of Aceh’s wild elephants  
Across Aceh province on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, new plantations and a housing construction boom are threatening the natural environment, pitting humans against the already-critically endangered wild elephants in a fatal conflict which the native Sumatran pachyderm is certain to lose. The elephants' impending extinction is palpable across the country, but nowhere more so than in Aceh, where only 500 remain in the wild. The habitats for wild animals are decreasing rapidly, as humans and their crops and settlements expand even faster.
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  © epa-efe / Hotli Simanjuntak  
  Grassroots Cricket in India  
  Grassroots Cricket in India  
Cricket, a sport dubbed as a religion in India owing to its unmatched popularity, has once again become a national obsession with the World Cup 2019 in England, the birthplace of the Gentleman’s Game. During this month-long cricket frenzy, many aficionados can be seen sporting quirky world cup hairdos and performing dedicated prayer services – officiated by priests – for their team’s victory, while many more decide to skip classes in schools and colleges or call in sick at work to watch the games.
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  © epa-efe / Sanjeev Gupta  
  Diamond Land  
  The Land of Diamonds  
Experts and local residents of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in Russia say that the bowels of Yakutia contain the entire periodic table. The region’s harsh climate makes it difficult to extract many of the minerals there. But those who mine diamonds are not afraid of the harsh frost in winter and the tropical heat, with clouds of flies, midges, mosquitoes adding to the mix that can make it tough in summer. These beautiful, expensive stones are worth every effort, and that is why Yakutia is known as the land of diamonds.
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  © epa-efe / Sergei Ilnitsky  
  Remembering the Danube Tourist Boat Collision  
  Remembering the Danube tourist boat collision  
The Hableany sightseeing boat carrying 33 South Korean tourists and two Hungarian staff crashed into the Viking Sigyn large river cruise ship and sank in the River Danube on 29 May 2019. Only seven tourists were rescued after the collision, with the rest of the passengers perishing in the frigid waters of the flowing river. Dozens of people, including firefighters, marines, soldiers and police, as well as civilian boat operators and employees from nearby vessels, describe in intimate detail the harrowing rescue operation and how they toiled in both physically and emotionally extreme conditions.
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  © epa-efe / MTI / Zoltan Balogh  
  Albinism in Panama: The Gunas  
  The Gunas, a Panamanian ethnic group marked by albinism  
Yaili, Aydili and Ceily walk down the street huddled under an umbrella. The sun is fierce and their skin is nearly translucent. They are known affectionately in their neighborhood, inhabited mainly by members of the Guna indigenous group, as the "blonde sisters." They are not the only members of their family with this hereditary condition, which is characterized by the partial or complete absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes. Experts say the rate of albinism within the Guna population is among the highest in the world, with roughly one in 150 people having that condition.
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  © epa-efe / EFE / Bienvenido Velasco  
  Mati, One Year On  
  Mati, One Year On  
The worst wildfire to hit Greece in over a decade tore through a small holiday resort village near Athens on 23 July 2018, killing 102 people, injuring almost 200 others and forcing hundreds more to rush on to beaches and into the sea. Huge, fast-moving flames, propelled by winds of up to 124 km/h trapped people as they tried to flee from the seaside spot of Mati. The coastal village was almost entirely obliterated by the blaze. More than 1,000 houses and over 300 cars were destroyed. One year after the deadly fire, Mati remains a ghost village.
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  © epa-efe / ANA-MPA / Yannis Kolesidis  
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