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  January 2019  
  The New Antarctic Explorers  
  The new Antarctic explorers  
Antarctica is vast, almost twice the size of Australia, and only a select number of persons ever get to set foot on this continent. While it does not have any indigenous inhabitants, its population varies between 1,000 people in winter and 5,000 in summer. The golden days of Antarctic exploration saw the likes of Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott. Today's expeditions see teams of scientists and soldiers embark on new adventures on the White Continent.
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  © epa-efe / Felipe Trueba  
  The Smallest Faces of Venezuela's Crisis  
  The Smallest Faces of Venezuela's Crisis - Part 2  
The streets of Venezuela's capital Caracas are filled with homeless children. Children who run, laugh, search for food among the trash and swim in polluted rivers. And children who abuse drugs that allow them some respite from the harsh realities of living rough. These neglected minors represent one of the many faces of the severe economic and social crisis ravaging the oil-rich South American country.
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  © epa-efe / Miguel Gutierrez  
  Animal Hospital in Istanbul  
  Animal hospital in Turkey  
A horse with an injured ankle, a stressed cockatoo that plucked out the feathers on its wings and a peacock suffering from an inflamed eye were just some of the patients undergoing treatment at Turkey’s largest animal hospital recently. The Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Faculty of Veterinary Science Hospital opened in 1987 and treats some 50,000 animals every year.
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  © epa-efe / Erdem Sahin  
  Together to Save a Human in Egypt  
  Together to save a human in Egypt  
According to a recent survey, Egypt has some two million homeless people, often vulnerable to sexual harassment and diseases with most of them giving up on life and prefer to die over living in such conditions. But lately, there have been many initiatives that brought hope to some of these homeless people. 'Together to Save a Human' is a charitable non-profit organization which aims to rescue homeless people and providing them with care and a decent life.
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  © epa-efe / Mohamed Hossam  
  Gandhiji Prem Nivas Leprosy Center  
  Gandhiji Prem Nivas, a leprosy center established by Mother Teresa  
Leprosy is one of the oldest infectious diseases - primarily affecting the skin, nerves, eyes and upper respiratory tract. But the disease is curable and treatment in its early stages can prevent disability, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In 1958, Mother Teresa established the Gandhiji Prem Nivas Leprosy Center outside the city of Titagarh, India. Now, more than 1,000 people – those affected and their families – live and work on the premises run by her Missionaries of Charity.
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  © epa-efe / Piyal Adhikary  
  Scientific Expedition to Antarctica  
  LV Scientific Antarctic Expedition at Union Glacier  
A group of eight scientists chosen to embark on a special expedition to Antarctica has been conducting experiments in a bid to discover more about the vast southernmost continent and the planet as a whole. The Chilean Antarctic Institute, which manages and coordinates scientific activities in the Chilean Antarctic Territory, organizes an annual Scientific Antarctic Expedition giving researchers a chance to participate in a series of field trips in the austral summer.
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  © epa-efe / Felipe Trueba  
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