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  February 2018  
  rambo circus  
  Rambo Circus in Mumbai  
The circus has been the world for PT Dilip since 1991 when he established Rambo Circus which travels and entertains throughout India and abroad. In the past, circuses depended on wild animals to entertain crowds. But in 1990 the Indian Supreme Court banned the use of wild animals in circus acts and also banned child performers in 2011. The circus business is not easy, with the bans and now with so many forms of entertainment, audiences are choosing other options.
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  © epa-efe / Divyakant Solanki  
  le beverley, the last porn cinema in paris to close its doors  
  Le Beverley, the last porn cinema in Paris to close its doors  
In a tiny alley in the entertainment district, Paris' last porn cinema has been proudly displaying its pink neon tubes since 1975. Its posters, projection room, cash register, and seats are all originals from the 70s. A few years ago, Le Beverley was just one of many others in the neighborhood, but now, at a time of fierce competition from easy-to-access pornography on the web, they have all closed down. While the cinema’s 74-year-old owner Maurice Laroche is holding out for a few last showings, Le Beverley will also drop its final curtain and close its doors in March 2018.
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  © epa-efe / Christophe Petit Tesson  
  dream to speed  
  Dream to Speed  
A group of Malaysian boys are pursuing their dreams to become the world's best motorcycle riders. They are way too young to hold a legal license, but they are allowed to race on a track and pull the throttle to reach speeds of up to 212 km per hour. The Sepang International Circuit launched the pilot program Dream Towards the MotoGP in 2017. It attracted some 300 young riders aged from 13 to 15 years who are taught all aspects of MotoGP training under the supervision of Zulfahmi Khairuddin, a world-class motorcycle race veteran.
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  © epa-efe / Ahmad Yusni  
  kritchaya 'lolita' boonhor is finally a woman  
  Kritchaya 'Lolita' Boonhor is finally a woman  
Lolita is a woman, that was not to be negotiated. What needed to be negotiated was how she was perceived by those around her. First, family and friends mocked her for not being a typical male. Her father enrolled her in boarding school to make her the army man. In 8th grade she got raped by seniors. Later, she faced health problems as she began taking female hormones hoping to develop a more feminine appearance. The only option was sex reassignment surgery. In February 2017 she became a woman trading a useless part of herself for a chance to a life that fits her.
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  © epa-efe / Lola Levan  
  the polluted yamuna river in new delhi  
  The Polluted Yamuna River in New Delhi  
The Yamuna River, like all other holy rivers in India, has been massively polluted for decades now. The river once used to be the lifeline of the Indian capital. Currently, it is no more than a large, open sewer that is choking with industrial and domestic discharge that includes plastic, flowers and debris from an annual Hindu festival Durga Puja during which hundreds of idols are immersed in the river. The river has virtually no aquatic life thanks to over 20 drains that pour untreated sewage and other waste into its waters.
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  © epa-efe / Harish Tyagi  
  yoga brings hope to the township  
  Yoga brings hope to the township  
In one of Johannesburg's toughest townships the ancient spiritual practice of yoga is bringing peace and calmness to some of the children and teenagers brought up in an environment of crushing poverty, crime and post-Apartheid social imbalance. Yoga4Alex, founded by Marianne Felix, is an NGO that has taught local Alex township residents the Kundalini Yoga style and these pioneers have brought the healing nature of yoga to various schools in the township. Kundalini aims ‘to cultivate the creative spiritual potential of a human to uphold values, speak truth, and focus on the compassion and consciousness needed to serve and heal others’.
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  © epa-efe / Kim Ludbrook  
  medical cannabis  
  Medical cannabis treatment in Bangkok  
Thailand is looking at the next steps to become a medical marijuana hub in the region. Legislators, state officials, health experts, drug and narcotic enforcement agencies as well as National Farmers Council voiced support to decriminalize soft drugs by legalizing marijuana cultivation plantations for medical research and medicinal use. The Food and Drug Administration of the Public Health Ministry opposes the idea. The Thai government recently approved a pilot project to commercially grow hemp for medicinal use.
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  © epa-efe / Rungroj Yongrit  
  spanish soccer academy in romania  
  The Spanish soccer academy in Romania training young players to follow their dreams  
Young soccer fans are crazy about players like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. Romanian and Spanish soccer specialists came up with an idea that would allow young players the chance to follow in the footsteps of their favorite players. Thus, with the support of Spanish club Valencia CF, the Valencia Soccer Academy was born. Based in Bucharest, the project aims to discover and promote new talent among Romania’s soccer-playing youths. The academy encourages the players to improve their athletic abilities but also place an emphasis on the childrens' results at school and behavior off the pitch.
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  © epa-efe / Robert Ghement  
  camel wrestling festival  
  Camel Wrestling Festival  
Camel wrestling history backs to the early 19th century when load carrying camels played with each other while resting. The owners saw this and began to organize camel wrestling which is especially associated with the Nomad culture in the Aegean, Mediterranean and Marmara regions. Camel wrestling is held in the winter months and the winner camel owner is rewarded with a carpet.
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  © epa-efe / Erdem Sahin  
  mudang and korean shamanism  
  Mudang and Korean Shamanism  
The religious situation in Korea is of a multi-religious society despite being a society composed of a mostly homogenous population. Moreover, the religions coexist mutually and in peace. Given the relationship between religion and Korean society, culture, and history, the religious realm serves as a window or path for understanding Korea. If we ignore the religious realm, it is impossible to deeply understand modern Korea. In modern countries, religion is an important cultural capital. Thus, this photo essay is focused on the Korean indigenous religion which has a history of more than 5,000 years.
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  © epa-efe / Hayoung Jeon  
  epa's photo essays highlight the work of our photographers exploring their skills of visual storytelling. Above we present our latest offerings of the past 30 days.

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