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  March 2019  
  White City in Tel Aviv - 100th Anniversary of Bauhaus  
  White City in Tel Aviv on occasion of 100th anniversary of Bauhaus  
Nestled in downtown Tel Aviv stands a modernist architectural gem known as the White City: one of the largest concentrations of buildings created in the renowned Bauhaus style. In 1919, Walter Gropius founded the Staatliche Bauhaus school of art, architecture and design in Weimar. The rise of the Nazi Regime in 1933 forced the school to close, leading many graduates of the art school to emigrate from Europe. Several Jewish Bauhaus graduates moved to Palestine and helped the Jewish community to shape and build the future state of Israel.
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  © epa-efe / Abir Sultan  
  Senegal Plastic Waste Crisis  
  Senegal plastic waste crisis  
Samwu Ndaye is a volunteer who every morning combs the beach of Ngor, Senegal, to clean up the waste plastic that builds up there. Single-use plastic products of every kind litter the villages along Senegal's coastline along with other waste that gets washed up at different spots throughout the year, depending on the prevailing winds and ocean currents. Systematic municipal waste collection and disposal is lacking in many areas, so residents deal with garbage in their own way, by burning or dumping it along the shorelines.
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  © epa-efe / Nic Bothma  
  A Portrait of Brexit Britain  
  A portrait of Brexit Britain  
The UK is scheduled to leave the European Union on 29 March 2019 - two years after Prime Minister Theresa May invoked Article 50, notifying the EU of her country's intention to abandon the member's club after the tightly-contested 2016 referendum. The results of that referendum exposed a divided nation. It is still unclear on what terms the UK would leave the EU. There is also talk of extending the deadline, which would delay Brexit, as well as the floating of a second referendum.
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  © epa-efe / Neil Hall  
  The Rise of Esports in Asia  
  The rise of esports in Asia  
In 1972, the first video game tournament was held at Stamford University, USA, to compete for the grand prize of an annual subscription to Rolling Stone magazine. Since then competitive computer gaming has come a long way. Esports is no longer a sub-culture but roaring across the world supported by a voracious audience. The players that make it to the pinnacle of esports carry a celebrity like status and garner the attention of legions of fans. The esports viewership has eclipsed that of many traditional sports, amassing more than a 205 million peak viewership for the 2018 League of Legends World Championship.
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  © epa-efe / Wu Hong  
  Brutalist Architecture in New Belgrade  
  Brutalist Architecture in New Belgrade  
On the left bank of Belgrade's Sava river lies Novi Beograd, a complex of brutalist buildings that are both a celebration of functional no-nonsense architecture and a symbol of the new post-monarchic Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia that was founded in 1945. The planned municipality was devised at a time when the growing city of Belgrade was undergoing a deep socio-political shift. Novi Beograd was designed to be the main administrative center for the new government with buildings for the Communist Party headquarters and the Presidency of the government serving as the hub of a functional grid plan with streets meeting on right angles.
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  © epa-efe / Andrej Čukić  
  The Smallest Faces of Venezuela's Crisis  
  The Smallest Faces of Venezuela's Crisis - Part 2  
The streets of Venezuela's capital Caracas are filled with homeless children. Children who run, laugh, search for food among the trash and swim in polluted rivers. And children who abuse drugs that allow them some respite from the harsh realities of living rough. These neglected minors represent one of the many faces of the severe economic and social crisis ravaging the oil-rich South American country.
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  © epa-efe / Miguel Gutierrez  
  The New Antarctic Explorers  
  The new Antarctic explorers  
Antarctica is vast, almost twice the size of Australia, and only a select number of persons ever get to set foot on this continent. While it does not have any indigenous inhabitants, its population varies between 1,000 people in winter and 5,000 in summer. The golden days of Antarctic exploration saw the likes of Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott. Today's expeditions see teams of scientists and soldiers embark on new adventures on the White Continent.
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  © epa-efe / Felipe Trueba  
  Monlam Great Prayer Festival  
  Monlam Great Prayer Festival at Labrang Monastery  
Considered the most important event for Tibetan Buddhists, the Monlam Great Prayer Festival starts three days after Lunar New Year in western China's ethnic Tibetan region and is held for almost two weeks. During Monlam, millions of pilgrims head to monasteries to pray for good fortune in the New Year and make offerings to their late relatives. One of the most popular destinations among pilgrims is Labrang Monastery in Xiahe County, China.
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  © epa-efe / Roman Pilipey  
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